Brita Professional Commits to the Future

Brita Professional Recycling

BRITA Professional, one of Europe’s experts in water filtration, has shown its ongoing commitment to the environment through its comprehensive recycling and CSR programme.


Central to the BRITA recycling process is its facility in Germany where used filter materials, 

The filter cartridges are broken up and separated from the plasticsfrom both the home and professional market, are regenerated in a five step process:

  1. The plastic is cleansed and ground up before being supplied to the plastic industry
  2. The contents of the filter material, the carbon and ion exchangers, are separated and processed
  3. The activated carbon is returned to the manufacturer for reactivation and is re-used in other industries and products
  4. The ion exchangers are regenerated to become as effective as new. Heat is applied to guarantee hygiene and the ion is used for the production of new filters.


In the Professional market, after every filter exchange BRITA engineers automatically collect and transport filters for recycling. Each year 100 tonnes of plastic is put back in to the market through this process.


On top of this, the company takes every step to reduce its energy consumption, including switching to green energy at its head offices in Germany and UK. BRITA products are TUV-certified, proving its limited impact on the environment through a reduced carbon footprint



Marcus Hankammer, CEO, BRITA said: "Recycling has been rooted in our corporate philosophy since 1992, and will continue to be an important part of our responsibility for the future."

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