North West Vending donate

North West Vending recently presented their local hospice Willowbrook with  

£300.00 that they had raised through their weekly sweepstake. Teresa Ruskin  

of North West Vending said “Our idea was to hold a weekly sweepstake, with  

the winner the one who correctly ‘predicts’ the National Lottery bonus ball. It’s  

rather like a modern-day football card: a proportion of the money generated 

goes as a cash prize to the winner; the remainder goes into the charity ‘kitty’”.

It was decided that the funds would be donated to Willowbrook Hospice. A

long standing customer of North West Vending and not far from their head

office, the hospice cares for people from the local area who are living with

life-limiting diseases. In addition to its ten in-patient beds it also has weekly

out-patient clinics.


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