Office Vending: Why Have a Vending Machine in Your Workplace?

Vending MachineMany staff take office vending for granted, but those who have worked in offices without vending machines recognise them as the luxuries they are.

The truth is, office vending offers so many benefits for your staff and your business, that we often wonder why vending machines are not considered an essential part of any office.

The Benefits of Office Vending

  • Food Is Fuel – Employees need sustenance to give them the energy they need to do their jobs. The problem is, demanding commutes cause many to miss breakfast, and some people choose to work through their lunch breaks. Office vending, particularly if you choose hot drinks and food vending machines, gives your staff a convenient means of quenching those hunger pangs, enabling them to continue working at an efficient rate.
  • Convenience For All – Without office vending, any members of staff who do not bring their own food will be obliged to leave the office during their lunch break. Unless you are situated round the corner from a café or a supermarket, travel needs might force your employees to take more than their allotted time for lunch. With office vending, everything they need will be immediately accessible, which means that lunch hours will never spill into working hours.
  • Instant Gratification – We’ve all felt the dreaded 3:00pm slump. But if your employees are able to grab an ice cold drink or a freshly prepared coffee whenever they want, they can remain happy, energised, and satisfied all through the day.
  • Employee Health – When we think of vending machines, we often thing of crisps, chocolate, and other sugary snacks. Vending machines can also be stocked with healthier choices, including fresh fruit, and even nutritious hot meals. With office vending, you can subtly influence your staff to eat healthier. And a healthy workforce is, of course, the backbone to a healthy company.


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