Healthy Vending Machines from The Wise Vending Group

Everyone loves sweets, chocolates, fizzy drinks and crisps, and it’s fine to indulge now and then. However, as a society, we are becoming increasingly health conscious, and we’re paying more and more attention to what we eat, and to what goes into our food.

As a result, many people are actively seeking low fat and natural alternatives to their favourite foods; and this commitment to healthy eating extends to their snacking.

At The Wise Vending Group, we offer a diverse selection of delicious natural snacks that can turn any vending machine into a healthy vending machine. Our range includes cereal bars, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and such healthy drinks as fruit juice and water in addition to the usual favourites.

Our healthy vending machines are particularly suitable for hospitals. The governments of Scotland and Wales have issued official guidelines concerning the food sold in hospital vending machines. In England, there are no such guidelines yet, which has led to a lot of criticism. Many believe that through selling unhealthy snacks, hospitals are implicitly promoting unhealthy lifestyles.

Through offering healthy snacking alternatives, hospitals can instead promote a healthy lifestyle, ensuring that staff and patients are never tempted to choose the more calorific snacks.

But beyond hospitals, healthy vending machines can be a welcome addition to any location. Indeed, cereal bars are very popular in the workplace, where busy and demanding commutes often result in workers arriving without having eaten a proper breakfast. Cereal bars and other healthy snacks can also provide an essential energy boost once the dreaded 3 p.m. slump rears its head.

Students, too, are increasingly coming to prefer healthy vending machines over the more standard fare. In university libraries, where students often pull all-nighters to meet those vital deadlines, seeds, nuts, fruit and cereal bars can help them to stay focused for much longer than sugary snacks ever could.

Finally, parents everywhere would probably be reassured to learn that their children’s schools offer a range of healthy and nutritious snacks at lunch.


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