Vending Machine Installation

Vending Machine Installation

The Wise Vending Group encompasses a number of vending machine suppliers and food stockists across the UK and Ireland. With over 50 years of experience, and a national network of service centres, we are uniquely positioned to offer vending machine installation and maintenance services to a wide range settings across the UK.

We routinely install and supply vending machines in offices, medical and educational establishments, factories, leisure outlets, and employee canteens. We are able to install vending machines to distribute snacks, confectionery, healthy food, hot and cold drinks, and even more substantial hot food options.

We have dedicated service centres in 17 major cities. We are based as far north as Aberdeen, and as far south as Plymouth, and we also have centres in both Belfast and Dublin. As a result, one of our technicians will always be within 30 minutes of your premises, which means that we are technically able to offer our vending machine installation and maintenance services to most any location in the UK and Ireland.

When it comes to vending machine installation, it can often be difficult to determine as to which sort of machine you should consider for your premises. For example, is it worth investing in a cold drinks machine for an office of just 14 employees? It is for this reason that, at the Wise Vending Group, we pride ourselves on offering a service that is entirely tailored to our customer needs.

Every vending machine installation project we undertake starts with a thorough consultation. After getting to know you and your business, we will offer our expert guidance not just concerning the type of vending machine you should install, but also the sort of products you should use to fill it.

We offer a complete solution, including full servicing after the initial vending machine installation. As our service covers the length and breadth of the UK, you can rely on us to regularly restock your machines, as well as undertaking any and all required cleaning and maintenance tasks.

If you are interested in our vending machine installation services, take a look at our list of service centres to find your local supplier. Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 169 31 81, or email