Snack Vending Tips – How to Make the Most of Your Office Vending Machine

Vending machines are the unsung heroes of the business world. Whether they’re placed in offices, factories, canteens, or hospitals, they can singularly serve to boost staff morale and efficiency, giving your workforce the drive it needs to power on through and succeed.

Here are some top snack vending tips to help you make the most of your business’s vending machines:

  1. Choose The Vending Machine That’s Right For Your Business – Hot drink vending machines will be gratefully received wherever they’re found, as who doesn’t love a nice cup of tea, or an energising cup of coffee? However, it’s a good idea to provide alternatives, as throughout the warmer months of the year, people generally prefer refreshing chilled drinks. Also, hot food vending machines can be a vital lifeline for staff members who work night shifts, or for those who may have forgotten to bring a packed lunch.
  2. Take The Size of Your Business Premises Into Consideration – Your business might not be large enough to accommodate a full size vending machine, but perhaps it will fit in your lobby, or your stairwell? If not, we offer plenty of vending solutions for smaller businesses, including a range of countertop vending machines.
  3. Consider Offering a Healthy Alternative – We all love to treat ourselves now and then, but through placing healthy snacks in your vending machines, you can boost the overall health of your workforce. As healthier workers are more driven, and less likely to take sick days, healthy vending machines really can serve to boost the overall efficiency of your business.
  4. Commit to Regular Cleaning, Service, and Maintenance – You are legally required to ensure that all vending machines on your premises are regularly cleaned and restocked. If you ignore this commitment, you will directly jeopardise the health and wellbeing of your workforce. At Wise Vending, we offer a dedicated vending machine cleaning service to help you to keep on top of things.


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