Coffee Machine or Vending Machine – Which Is Best for the Office?

Whether it’s coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or others, employees rely on hot drinks to stay refreshed and energised throughout the day. If you want to provide your workforce with hot drinks – and you do - you have a number of options.

For offices, to rely on a kettle alone is wholly impractical. It takes time for kettles to boil, and most  have a very limited capacity. Should entire swathes of your workforce suddenly desire a drink at the same time – which can happen! – you’ll find that productivity can grind to a halt, as successive groups of people wait for the kettle to boil and boil again.

One alternative is a dedicated coffee machine. In terms of quality, it’s a significant upgrade from a kettle. Your employees will certainly appreciate the availability of barista-quality coffee in the workplace.

If you have a large number of employees, a hot drinks vending machine may be your best bet. They can be stocked to vend a wide variety of high quality hot drinks – including tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and even soup – and many models are capable of vending much quicker than both kettles and coffee machines.

What’s more, hot drinks vending machines can provide an additional source of revenue for your business – and as many models come with a free vend option, you can reward your team for good performance, or simply provide a weekly Friday afternoon treat.

Hot drinks vending machines are the ideal choice for large workplaces, and for institutions that operate around the clock. Low maintenance and with large capacities, they are inexpensive to operate and provide a consistently reliable source of refreshment for staff, visitors, and customers alike.


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