Sweeten the Deal – Retail Vending Machines

Some purchases require some serious consideration. If you sell cars, furniture, or other high-end, luxury goods, it’s not uncommon for customers to spend hours in your store – mulling over their choice, filling in paperwork, choosing colours…

As a sales expert, it’s your job to ensure that the sale progresses as smoothly as possible, and that the customer leaves satisfied. So you offer them a drink.

Imagine being able to offer your customers high quality, barista-style coffee – either whilst they’re browsing, or whilst they’re contemplating the finer points of their intended purpose. They’ll appreciate the courtesy and the refreshment, but at the same time, they’ll come to associate the delicious taste with your business and your brand. You provide a luxurious experience, so it stands to reason that your products are of the highest possible quality.


Retail vending machines provide a fantastic opportunity for sales specialists from a range of sectors to provide their customers with a truly premium experience – and sometimes, a premium experience is all it takes to transform an idle browser into a loyal customer.

But of course, retail vending machines aren’t just suitable for the high-end sales floor. In any place that attracts a large amount of footfall, vending machines enable you to passively fulfil your customers’ needs whilst generating an additional source of income.

Retail vending machines can act as a low-maintenance, high-profit catering solution for:

  • ×          Hospitals
  • ×          Schools, universities, and other educational establishments
  • ×          Opticians
  • ×          Swimming pools
  • ×          Gyms
  • ×          Leisure centres
  • ×          Bus stations and train stations
  • ×          Airports
  • ×          Showrooms
  • ×          Shops

Any place, where people will spend long stretches of time. People always need refreshment, and it’s not always possible or necessary to provide full canteen facilities. Vending machines are the perfect solution.

Whether you want a high-end coffee machine for your high-end sales floor, or a more versatile vending solution for your waiting room or canteen, we have options to suit every purpose.


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