Why You Should Invest in Employee Health

Now that we’re well into 2015, most people have long since abandoned their New Year’s Resolutions, but a determined few have still given up chocolate, fizzy drinks, crisps, or cake.

The reason that so many people latch onto such opportunities for self-improvement is because a lot of people are keen to switch to a healthier lifestyle.  The problem is, we all have to work; and in many workplaces it can be difficult to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

This is particularly true in offices, where the majority of employees can spend entire days sat behind desks.  Worse, the pressures of certain office jobs can mean that a lot of people simply don’t have time to arrange for a healthy lunch.  Their only recourse is unhealthy fast food, and the sugary, calorific supplies with which offices often stock their vending machines.

If you choose to stock your office vending machines with healthier snacks, you’ll be doing a great service to any of your employees who are yearning for a healthier lifestyle.  But beyond this, research has demonstrated that businesses who invest in the health of their employees can enjoy an impressive return on investment.

This return on investment is manifest in a number of ways.  Healthier employees take fewer sick days, and may even become more effective at doing their jobs.  Obviously, this will increase the overall efficiency of your business. 

Healthy vending machines tend to be supremely popular in whichever workplace they’re installed.  So as well as improving the health and morale of your team, healthy vending machines can also serve to give your business a lucrative additional source of income. 

At The Wise Vending Group, we can provide a comprehensive healthy vending machine service, supplying your business with a range of enticing and life enriching low-fat, low-calorie, low-sugar drinks and snacks.  We can even provide vending machines that are capable of dispensing nutritious hot meals, perfect for those who work unsociable hours, or those who are otherwise pushed for time.


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