24 Hour Vending For 24 Hour Cities

Even in the city that never sleeps, it can be difficult to find a bite to eat.

Some cities are buzzing around the clock. Driven office workers work through the night, and the bars and the clubs remain open until sunrise.

The shops, though, tend to cease trading through the night. And who can blame them? Nobody wants to shop for clothes or electrics after dark, and not enough people want to buy food and drinks to make it economically viable for most stores to remain open overnight.

But why shouldn’t it be as easy for tired nightshift workers and bleary clubbers to buy food and drink as it is for the less-nocturnal of us?

At the moment, it seems that only incredibly large out-of-town hypermarkets and sporadic garage forecourts stay open through the night. Until this changes, 24 hour vending machines might be the perfect solution for those who work less sociable hours, and those who live more sociable lives.

In the past few years, 24 hour vending machines have started to pop up in cities across the world. In this South Philadelphia residential area, a large vending machine seems to serve the same function as a corner shop. It’s stocked with everything, from lighters to microwave pizzas, and every day it’s restocked with fresh dairy products and sandwiches.

Closer to home, a similar machine was recently installed in Clifton, Derbyshire. Designed by local engineer Peter Fox 14 years after the village lost its last general store, this one even sells umbrellas.

24 hour vending machines can also serve more of a niche audience. St. Andrews has an automatic 24 hour bakery - a vending machine that dispenses pies, pasties, and Irn Bru – while Paris has a machine that can dispense hot and crisp baguettes around the clock. Finally, if you want to watch a six minute video about an egg vending machine, now’s your chance.

Of course, in such places as airports, hospitals, and government buildings, 24 hour vending is nothing new. In these places, it’s possible to buy almost anything from a machine, from mouthwash to a bouquet of flowers. These are places that can depend on receiving high levels of footfall through the night. But as our cities become busier and faster, we may soon see their like on street corners everywhere.

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