Corporate Vending Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

When designing vending solutions for large corporate environments, there are a number of unique factors to take into consideration:

  1. The Size of the Workforce – Will our machines be used hundreds of times every day by a large office or warehouse, or will they instead be used by a smaller group of executives and creatives?
  2. The Quality of the Experience – Will our machines be used to provide employees with a steady and reliable source of refreshment, or will they be used to wow clients and customers with a more gourmet experience?
  3. The Specific Corporate Demands – Does the workforce prefer coffee or tea? Does the office need a watercooler? Do we need to supply the nightshift with round the clock access to hot drinks and hot meals? Is a healthier option preferred, or will everyone be happy enough with the usual array of crisps, sweets, and chocolate?

Of course, these are the sort of questions we need to ask when dealing with any client. But if only because they’re working in a more fast-paced and elaborate environment, our corporate customers generally require a solution that’s completely tailored to their highly specific needs.

Sometimes, it’s not enough to simply say “oh, you need this coffee machine,” or “oh, you need this snack machine.” With bigger workforces and varied premises, we invariably have to supply an entire range of machines, each of which has been carefully customised to suit the unique tastes of whichever part of the business they’ll be serving.

Corporations are large and complex machines staffed with a veritable army of people. It’s tough work ensuring that everyone, from the factory workers to the management, is satisfied. But at The Wise Vending Group, we offer such a varied range of products and machines that we’re more than up to the task.

We’ve designed high quality corporate vending solutions for such clients as Microsoft, Next, Surrey Sports Park, and Oxford Aviation.

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