The Benefits of Hot Drinks Vending Machines in Winter

There are many benefits to food and drinks vending machines in the workplace, but for the hot drinks vending machine there is no busier time than the season of winter.

Here in the UK we are well known around the world for loving hot drinks, particularly tea. When the nights start drawing in, the mornings get darker and the weather colder, consumption of our favourite hot beverages inevitably goes up.

Having a hot drinks machine in the workplace provides an affordable, accessible option for people to get their hot drinks or a caffeine fix without having to leave the premises. It also gives people a reason to take a short break and recharge, which is good for productivity and happiness – especially in the darker months.

Equally, if you consider that it takes an average of 7 minutes to manually make a hot drink (you know, with a kettle) not including the time it takes to walk to the kitchen, the vending machine offers a time saving.

For example, if a person had three hot drinks every day, they would spend an average of 21 minutes making drinks every day. In a five day working week that amounts to 105 minutes. Over the year taking into account annual leave, that is at least 4935 minutes or 82 hours.

Depending on the type of hot drinks machine you install, you can get your drink in anything from 40 seconds to a few minutes.

Overall, having hot drinks available helps to boost morale, saves time and allows employees to manage busy schedules and still get some down time. This is particularly important in winter when a hot drink serves another purpose: to keep us warm!


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