What Kind of Stock Should Your Vending Machine Have?

Are you pondering the difficult question – “what should we stock our vending machines with?”

You are not alone. A lot of our customers want to know what works best in businesses and are concerned with getting the balance of healthy options and snacks right.

The truth is, no matter if you are a warehouse or an office, there always tends to be the calorie conscious eater alongside the person who loves a chocolate snack when they are feeling stressed.

These days there is an increasing mixture of items you can offer in your vending machines so why not take full advantage of this and offer a popular mix.

With an operated vending contract, stock levels can be monitored and if something is less popular you can always try something new. Getting employee feedback is another great option to ensure your vending machines are meeting the needs of those who use them.

Generally speaking, if you want to offer food and drinks, a good mixture would be a range of healthy snacks and cold drinks, with some naughty favourites for those ‘bad days’. Then of course an option for hot drinks, which would make your in-house vending options suitable for all. 


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