What Are The Benefits of Operated Vending?

An operated vending service is a bespoke package that allows you to implement a combination of vending machines of your choice without having to worry about running them.

Most of us tend to view vending machines as magical machines that dispense hot and cold drinks, snacks and healthy food effortlessly. The truth is the shelves don’t automatically repopulate and they are not self-cleaning – all things considered, running a vending machine is a big responsibility.

An operated vending service takes that responsibility away from you and puts it in the hands of the experts. Yes that’s right, the vending machine experts, if we do say so ourselves.  

In choosing a reputable operated vending service there are four key benefits:

  • Vending machines will be maintained and kept clean and sanitised
  • Machines will be restocked and continually monitored for stock levels
  • Cash flow for each machine will be dealt with
  • Experts are on hand should something go wrong

Whether they are situated in an office, factory, warehouse, train station or leisure centre, an operated vending service will ensure these needs are met.

So next time you see someone servicing, restocking or cleaning a vending machine, give them a smile. They are keeping the machines that provide your daily coffee or occasional snack running and are on hand to help if something goes wrong.

The Wise Vending Group is a national vending service that covers 17 major cities across the UK and Ireland.

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