UK Vending Set to Surge in Popularity

Vending machines that dispense hot and fresh food are popular in the US and Japan, and experts predict that we may soon start to see more of them in the UK.

As we lead increasingly busy lives, we seem to have less time to sit down to three square meals a day. Instead we’re resorting to snacking, and while it’s possible to find vending machines filled with healthy treats, you can’t survive on cereal bars alone.

Sometimes a sandwich and a bag of crisps won’t cut it. Hot food vending machines were introduced to give busy people 24/7 access to delicious and nutritious meals. In the UK, they’re already found in certain buildings that operate round the clock, such as hospitals and university libraries. But according to food futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye, hot food vending machines will soon be commonplace.

“There are some brilliant ideas around the world,” she said. “Vending is really going to come into the UK in a big way.”

“A whole world of new possibilities is about to open up.”

So what sort of things can we expect to find in these exciting new vending machines? Beyond microwaveable pizzas, pastas, and burgers, vending companies around the world are starting to experiment with fresh food.

A company in Chicago, for example, delivers fresh salads, wraps, and other snacks to vending machines across the city at 5am every day.

But those looking for a fast food fix also have cause for excitement. A company in Holland has developed a line of vending machines capable of dispensing unhealthy yet delicious delights such as chips and deep fried cheese.

Exciting stuff. Yet whatever the future of vending brings, you can be sure that we at The Wise Vending Group will always be at the forefront of innovation.