Hot Food Vending Machines for your Business

Hot food vending machines allows for business to offer healthy meals that are filling for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rather than nipping out at lunch, your employees can heat up a delicious meal in your office. There’s nothing like a warm meal at work on a cold day and your employees won’t need to leave the office, saving their precious time.

Hot Meals for your employees

Whether your sales team are working late to gain a new lead or you want to improve team morale. Hot food vending is a great option for a busy work force, working long hours and at obscure times of day. We know that night shift workers can greatly benefit from eating something hot and fulfilling to help them through a long shift.

Healthy, balanced hot meals include:

  • Curries
  • Pasta dishes
  • Soups
  • Pasties and sausage rolls 

How do I know Hot Vending is right for my business?

Your business does not necessarily need a huge kitchen area, just a microwave to heat up the chilled meal.

We offer a fully managed vending machines service for you, so that you do not need to do anything. We will ensure that your vending machine kept a clean and hygienic state, and our trained staff will clean and re-stock your machine when necessary.  If there are any technical issues with your machines, these faults are kept to a low as our engineers can be with you quickly.

As the products for Hot Food vending machines are fresh they need to be eaten with in their date and we will check the dates of products when re-stocking.

The process of hot food vending:

  • Meals are freshly made and then frozen
  • Meals are transported efficiently to your establishment
  • We then stock the vending machine with fresh meals that will keep the meals chilled
  • Employees microwave the meal and enjoy 

Additional Options for Hot Food Vending

You can arrange for catered food to be delivered to your vending machines and even homemade food and be put in your machine if you form an alliance with a caterer.

Benefits of Choosing The Wise Vending Group

  • National coverage
  • Clean and hygienic
  • Replace and refill products on a schedule that fits your business 

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