How we work

How We Work

We believe great vending starts by providing people with the brands they love.

  • As an independent business we can supply any mix of brands and products
. Sales analysis proves that the most popular products in each category come from a wide range of brand owners
  • We stock our vending machines with 100% of the top ten selections in each category, meaning more happy customers
. We analyse our sales patterns to suggest popular choices based on demographics and buying behavior at equivalent sites

Our Vending Process

WISE is uniquely positioned to provide hot drinks vending and many other vending solutions to all customers, including caterers and facilities managers.

  • As an independent consultant we can recommend and supply any mix of products and equipment. We are not tied to the whims of specific manufacturers (unlike many of our competitors)
  • Users on-site benefit from an expertly-handled specialist vending service
  • Customers benefit from in-depth reporting, tailored to meet their own needs and those of their clients
  • Financial details are clearly defined at the outset of any agreement, and supported with clear documentary evidence



Our account manager has been extremely professional, helpful and efficient since the day we met and remains one of the most reliable supplier contacts we maintain here at Surrey Sports Park.

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