Our Values


Adopting the name Wise Vending Group was not intended as a definition of our collective greatness, neither was it just a flippant catchy name. Rather, and in addition to explaining the fact that we are national (Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England – get it?), we wanted to express reasons why working with us is a truly wise choice. The WISE Vending Group is a dynamic vending services organisation with an aim of doing things better, sometimes differently but always in partnership. We are also big enough to secure the best prices and levels of service from our supply partners, enabling us to compete with anyone to provide the best possible vending service.

A fresh approach to vending

Customer ServiceMany vending operators focus on new machine placements to the detriment of their existing customers. Once vending machines are placed, operator visits and stock decisions may be based on:

  • Rigid routine
  • Vending machine operator’s own product preferences
  • Priorities of a vocal minority of users
  • Purchasing priorities of the vending operator
  • Brand restrictions on provision of equipment


Our customer-led approach prioritizes the importance of both happy customers and consumers, for the long term.

  • Visit schedules are flexible, based on customer demand
  • Machine stock is selected according to demand at your site
  • All your favorite brands are available, all of the time
  • Reviews and improvements are informed decisions


The result is an efficient, flexible service which provides a balanced product selection, and satisfies more users, more of the time.

So, if you want to be associated with a vending company like ours and receive a service that is second to none, why not try giving one of our service centres a call at 5PM on a Friday and speak to some real people in real places to see how it compares to your average supplier response.