Upgrade your School Water Cooler

Students still aren’t getting enough water but water coolers provide a refreshing drink during a hectic day of studies. Numerous studies show that drinking more water can improve the productivity of students and increase concentration – which we are all for at The Wise Vending Group!

Benefits of installing Water Coolers in Schools:

  • A water cooler at school helps children to meet their recommended volumes of water a day
  • Water coolers are great for before and after physical activities
  • Children will love the filtered taste compared to tap water
  • Teachers, dinner ladies and school staff also benefit
  • Quick and easy installation 

Our Water Cooler Options 

Slim line floor standing water coolers are suitable for small and tight locations, for many schools and colleges there is a lack of space in general, tall and thin water coolers can slide in place and use limited space efficiently.

You can choose between bottled spring water or mains filtered water. Read here for more info on the different types of water coolers.

Water Cooler Location Advice

Your school may be short of water coolers, with large schools this is easily done. But by placing thin water coolers near bathrooms and communal areas, you can ensure that every student is in reach of a water cooler before they become dehydrated. 

Encourage Students to drink from the Water Cooler

Getting kids to eat healthily is challenging, but a water cooler works hand-in-hand with promoting a healthy life style is schools. Highlighting the benefits of drinking water to student’s means that they are more likely to top up their water bottle than purchase an unhealthy alternative. 

As many teachers know, water is a much better alternative for students than fizzy drinks. Drinks with a high sugar levels leads lower concentration and lower productivity. 

Bespoke solution for your school, college or university

  • We work with you to find a level of service that you are happy with
  • We can install the water cooler and ensure than it is well maintained, and if any problems occur you can give us a call
  • We have an easy to understand pricing structure and thrive to ensure that our water coolers are environmentally friendly
  • Our service teams are across the UK

Contact us today to see how we can help your organisation, call: 0800 169 31 81

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