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All Wise Group members recognise that ‘green vending’ is an important part of our business, and strive wherever possible to adopt an environmentally caring approach. Regular internal reviews are carried out to measure our environmental performance and to ensure compliance with statutory requirements that are applicable to our business activities.

Green Leaves


We are committed to compliance with all applicable environmental legislation, and within reasonable economic means, to:

Minimise the creation of waste and where ever possible establish a use for such waste. Our waste collectors recycle over 90% of all waste.


Ensure, where practical, all vehicles and equipment are as environmental and fuel efficient as possible. Regular maintenance and servicing to minimise emissions.


Ensure, where practical, efficiency in the use of energy, water and other natural resources. Many of our members use the eco miser which reduces energy consumption on vending machines.


We will take an active interest in using and supporting suppliers who have an environmental policy where ever possible, and promote the recycling of materials.


Paper consumption is minimised and any produced reused internally. Stationery is purchased carefully with recycled products used wherever possible.


Biodegradable chemicals and materials are used wherever possible.


All cardboard is removed from customer’s premises and recycled.


We are WEEE compliant and all fridges and machines are disposed of through the proper channels.


Wise Group members will endeavour to promote environmental awareness amongst our varied customers and actively encourage them to adopt best environmental practice and co-operate with those that have environmental management systems in place where there is sound commercial and technical rational.

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