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Vending solutions for your organisation 

We work with customers from different sectors and industries to deliver excellent vending facilities. Wherever you are across the UK one of our engineers will be within reach to your business or organisation. Which means that we can offer excellent and frequent services with regular re-stocking to your vending machine. On arrival our engineers can not only fill your vending machine but to also clean it too so that it keeps its high level of hygiene.

Sectors we work with

If you don’t see a relevant sector for you below, we can still provide a vending solution to fit your needs. 

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Installing a Vending Machine in your organisation

Before a vending machine is installed in your Organisation one of our engineers will observe the site to confirm that the chosen position allows for the necessary facilities, such as access to water facilities if a coffee machine is being installed, and also electric sockets. Our engineer can even suggest a convenient location, and where they think the vending machine will receive the most attraction.

Our engineers will efficiently install the vending machine, leaving behind no mess and no fuss. Just a high performing vending machine which will be restocked as often as necessary, with regular checks and stock takes. If there are any technical issues with your vending machine, these can be rectified quickly as an engineer will be nearby.

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