Vending Machines for Transport Interchanges

For regular commuters, vending machines can be a life-saver for many travellers who are rushing in their daily commute and need a drink or energising snack. The WISE Vending Group want to make it easier and cost-effective for transport interchanges to install and re-stock vending machines on platforms and in the main station itself.

Commuters expect to see vending machines at train stations, bus stations and other interchanges as they commute during all hours of the day even when the local café or shop may be closed. Vending machines are often a great convenience when transport links are delayed and commuters need a snack in place of a meal.

We can provide small and larger vending machines for your interchange depending on your size requirements.

Why Choose WISE Vending?

  • We offer a secure service and will work with your facilities team to provide smooth delivery and re-stock.
  • In terms, of stock we can supply a range of popular brands unlike our competitors who are often restricted to contracts. We are able to provide you with the widest range of high quality and popular products that consumers really want
  • We analyse sales data from across the UK and Ireland to find out which products are performing well to ensure that your station has the best product offering
  • With technicians in numerous cities across the UK a trained technician can be with you in as little as 30 minutes as we cover 17 major cities in the UK and Ireland.

 We make maintaining your vending machine even easier as our trained staff will also clean and polish the machine so that they always look in good condition.  

Transport vending that provides for a variety of consumers:    

  • Meal replacement snacks for long distant journeys
  • Healthy and nutritious snacks for the everyday commuter      
  • Hot drinks including coffee machines for the early-risers   
  • Treats, such as chocolate and sweets
  • Water and fizzy drinks machines

We believe that vending machine can make a big difference to a commuter’s day. A hot drink on a cold winter morning can really make a difference to a person’s day, making a delayed train easier to digest whilst sipping on a hot latte.

With a vast amount of experience within the vending and automatic retailing industries you can trust WISE Vending to deliver a trusted and high quality service. We believe in a personalised service and we welcome your feedback and opinions to help improve our service.

To talk to a team member, call us now on 0800 169 31 81, or email