Cold Drinks Vending

Cold Drinks

Don’t make employees and visitors leave the building to buy refreshing drinks; instead, they can purchase them right where they are using cold drinks vending machines and services. This is a welcoming gesture to people who come to your organisation, as well as having the potential to boost employee morale.

If you run a leisure business, such as a bowling alley or sports centre, you should also think of providing cold drinks vending machines and services as good customer service. Consumers increasingly expect to find drinks available to buy when they visit these kinds of outlets.

As with our snack and confectionary ranges, we have a wide choice of popular brands, including Britvic, Lucozade,Pepsi, Yazoo, Coca Cola and many more. Again, the popularity of these brands mean that your vending machine could serve as an additional revenue stream.

Cold drinks vending machines don’t have to exclusively offer fizzy drinks, and we can also provide a huge selection of alternatives. These include healthy vending options such as juices and smoothies, as well as Fair Trade approved ranges. 

Vending machines are sometimes negatively associated with unhealthy snacks and drinks, but this is unfair. A vending machine full of fresh fruit juice and smoothies could even improve the health of your employees, making sick days a less likely occurrence.

Sometimes water is the most refreshing option, and bottled water from a variety of different brands is available through our range of cold drinks vending machines and services. This will be especially appreciated if your outlet provides sporting activities, or even intense leisure activities such as bowling and laser quest.