Food Vending and hot food vending services


Food vending has for many years proven very difficult for vending operators, both large and small. You want your employees and visitors to enjoy nutritious food, without it costing you a bomb. At the Wise Vending Group, we have a whole variety of options for you, many of which are unique.

When you don’t have the resources to offer freshly cooked food, hot food vending machines are a great alternative. By stocking microwavable meals, from spaghetti bolognese to curries, and providing a nearby microwave, your employees and visitors can enjoy hot meals without leaving the building, and without you having to invest in a canteen.

Food brands have made many new products available, which help to enable the possibility of hot food vending services. For example, most supermarkets now offer both low cost and nutritious microwavable meals. Even food that can be eaten cold could benefit from also being offered hot using hot food vending machines, such as sausage rolls and pasties.

In conjunction with a series of alternative service options, you can even offer homemade food. Hot food vending machines can form part of an alliance with a caterer, and the Wise Group is experienced in sourcing partnerships to find a bespoke solution for each client. Rather than employing caterers all day, you can arrange for fresh food to be prepared and delivered for your vending machine, allowing you to provide hot food vending services that are both healthy and cost effective (see Optima Catering).

Offering hot food vending services is also a great resource for those who need access to food at unusual hours. Night shift workers would be able to enjoy hot meals on breaks, rather than relying on less nutritious options because the canteen is closed.