Healthier vending machines and services


Here at Wise Vending, we offer a wide range of healthy snacks to stock any healthier vending machine.

Our healthier vending machines are perfect for promoting a healthy diet, and are particularly beneficial in the work place, helping to keep employees feeling and performing their best. Healthy vending machines are becoming an increasingly popular choice for professionals as they can aid a healthy lifestyle and increased productivity.

We can offer a variety of snacks to fill healthy vending machines for use in a variety of locations. Cereal bars are always a popular choice, especially in the work place, where they are commonly used both as a healthy breakfast alternative as well as a midday energy boosting snack. As well as being perfectly suited for the work place, cereal bars in healthy vending machines would be a great addition to a variety of locations, including universities (especially in a library), schools, train stations and gyms.

Nuts, seeds and dried fruit are also great items to stock healthy vending machines with. There is a huge variety of these healthy snack packs available to help promote healthy eating and provide low fat alternatives to more traditional vending machines. Such variety means that you are able to change around which snacks your selected healthy snack vending machines offer to maintain an inviting selection.

Our friendly, professional advice is available to help you select the best products suited for your healthier vending machines, taking into consideration location, expected customers, and the frequency of these customers. We will tailor your package to these specifications in terms of care and supply.

At Wise Vending we always aim to offer a service tailored to your specific needs, allowing your business to stay happy and healthy.