Hot drinks and coffee vending machines

Hot Drinks

Hot drinks vending machines are a great addition to any work place, reception area, waiting room or meeting room. 

Our hot drinks vending machines are a great way to provide a range of hot drinks options, and can provide an extra level of comfort to lots of areas.

Our vending machines offer a variety of hot drinks, from tea and coffee to hot chocolate. We also offer a tremendously wide range of vending machine types.

Our coffee vending machines come with a wide range of specialities. We offer freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee from our hot drinks vending machines, for a satisfying boost. Along with these fully automatic options, we also offer the very best espresso brewing vending machines as well as automatic, super-automatic and semi-automatic barista operated coffee machines. So whether you want a coffee vendor that is low cost and convenient, or only the best, high quality fresh coffee, our vending machines are perfect for you.

We also provide a variety of tea oriented hot drinks vending machines, offering a convenient tea maker as well as a leaf-to-cup service.

If you are looking for a table top vending machine with a variety to suit everyone’s wants and needs, then we also provide machines that offer a huge variety of hot drinks from fresh leaf tea, a selection of coffee beans, and coffee shop drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes, hot chocolate, hot milk and water.

If one of our hot drinks vending machines seems like a great option for you then do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced team members. Our friendly and professional team can help you choose your perfect vending machine, based on your drinks preferences, user quantity and frequency of use.

At Wise Vending we pride ourselves on our dedicated service to all our customers, guaranteeing a personalised, individual service suited to your vending machine wants and needs.