Snacks & Confectionery vending machines and services


Keep staff and visitors satisfied with the option of buying a range of delicious snacks. Snack vending machines can be extremely convenient and efficient. For example, they can save the hassle of having to leave a meeting to refuel.

Snack vending machines can also act as a morale-boosting gesture towards employees who enjoy the occasional treat while at work. As well as saving the necessity of interrupting work to visit a shop, having energy and mood boosting snacks could also raise performance.

We provide a vast range of snack and confectionery vending machines. This includes an array of popular brands such as Nestle, Mars, Cadbury, Walkers, McCoys, KP, Ferrero and many more, so people can enjoy their favourite snacks without leaving the building. A benefit of offering popular brands is the potential for an additional revenue stream through your vending machine.

Snacks don’t always have to mean chocolate, crisps and sweets, though. Especially in the workplace, where people might be using a vending machine every day, it is a good idea to provide healthy snacks, such as fruit, yogurt, and cereal bars. As more and more people become concerned with their health and figure, this could be a welcome addition to your office, as well as having the potential to improve employee health and reduce sick days.

We offer a bespoke service, and are happy to provide snack vending machines and products to suit your specific needs. This means offering options from healthier choices and ethically traded products, through to new concepts and promotional items.

It is important that snack and confectionery vending machines are suited to your business, taking into account who is being catered for, what activities take place within your organisation, and a range of other factors. We are more than happy to discuss a tailored vending service to meet your needs, and will regularly review further ways in which we can personalise our service.