Water Coolers


Whether you’re going for a sleek and modern or a retro look in your office, we have a vast range of water coolers to suit your needs.

Water coolers in the office are a great way to keep both staff and visitors refreshed throughout the day. Prevents lack of motivation and energy slumps resulting from dehydration, and show the people you work with that you care about their needs and preferences, by providing them with chilled water at the press of a button.

Tap water can be an unappealing option, sometimes containing a strange aftertaste, and often not quite cold enough. On the other hand, water coolers offer water that is cool and crisp, and tastes great.

Many offices have very little kitchen space considering the number of employees, and providing easy access to a sink for everyone is simply not convenient. Water coolers can be easily distributed throughout office space, meaning that no one is too far away from ice cold drinking water.

Every office is different, with its own style and requirements. We provide water coolers with stylish stainless steel finishes and tap dispensers for something eye-catching and inviting, as well as plainer, more inconspicuous coolers that suit any environment.

For offices where everyone has easy access to a kitchen, you might wish to provide chilled water from a tap on a work surface. We offer water coolers that sit beneath kitchen worktops, with the plumbing hidden from sight, and dispense water from a tap, for a tidy and conventional look.

You may wish to install your water cooler yourself, or you might prefer for us to take complete care of it for you, and we offer full service or DIY. We also recommend the fitting of BRITA filters to ensure your water is ultra fresh and pure.  

Wise Vending are a leading water cooler supplier and offer a vast range of water cooler services accross the UK. Contact us to find out all you need to know about everything we offer.