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Through Cocoa Life, we are transforming our cocoa supply chain.

Launched in 2012, Cocoa Life is investing $400 million USD by 2022 to empower at least 200,000 cocoa farmers and reach one million community members. This effort builds on the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership, which was founded in Ghana in 2008. It's all part of our commitment to ensure a sustainable future for chocolate.

Cocoa Life helps communities thrive in six key cocoa-growing origins―Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Indonesia, India, the Dominican Republic and Brazil. We are helping them gain knowledge and skills to improve their livelihoods, strengthen their communities and inspire the next generation of cocoa farmers.

To deliver on our mission, we have four principles that guide all our actions:

  • Increase transparency, connecting consumers to our journey / farmers

  • Promote “self-sustainability” by building capacity in origins

  • Respect human rights, focus on child rights and women’s empowerment

  • Pursue partnerships and policy dialogue for greater impact



We are committed to sustainable packaging that protects our products, delights our consumers, and does not harm the environment. To this end, we take a strategic approach focused on driving toward net zero waste packaging through less and better packaging and improved systems, leveraging innovative partnerships to improve recycling globally.


Our aim is to play our part in advancing a circular pack economy for packaging that is good for people and the planet.

In 2021, we introduced an enhanced strategic approach to continuously improve our packaging, focused on three key areas: less packaging, better packaging, and improved systems. Our aim is to achieve net zero waste by 2025 and support development of a circular pack economy by 2050. Our guiding principle is to make packaging light and right while collaborating, innovating and investing in improved systems to increase recycling globally.

Our strategy relies on all three parts coming together, with less packaging, better packaging and improved systems reinforcing each other for bigger impact.



Since 1935, The Cadbury Foundation has invested in local communities - in recognition of Richard and George Cadbury and their vision to create prosperous, enterprising and inclusive communities.

From its humble beginnings as The Charitable Brothers Trust and the first donation of £40 awarded to Stirchley Girls Club; today The Cadbury Foundation continues to foster generosity in local communities across the UK and Ireland, investing £10 million over the last 15 years.

Investment is focused in three key areas:

health & wellbeing

We encourage local communities to lead healthier lifestyles through cooking, food growing, physical activity and social cohesion.


We inspire the next generation of talent by developing their transferable skills to help them succeed in the workplace.

Colleague Passions

We care about the local charities our employees are passionate about, supporting local causes close to their hearts through our 'Your Charity Your Choice' and 'Cashmatch' programmes.

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