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Want to Boost Your Team’s Morale, Energy, and Happiness?

As any management guru will tell you, a happy team is a motivated team, and a motivated team is a productive team.

There are many ways to boost your team’s morale, but many leaders invest in pricey team-building exercises, neglecting the fact that it’s the little things that matter. A weekend retreat might reinvigorate your team, but the moment they return to the office on Monday morning, they run the risk of falling back into general uninspired routine.

Nestlé ups sustainability efforts at expanding UK innovation centre

Nestle has opened an extended product technology centre for confectionery in the UK, which will better enable it to develop products and packaging with sustainable materials.  The centre in York, UK, was opened today and is located on the same site as Nestlé’s chocolate factory that produces brands including Aero and Kit Kat.

OhSo Chocolate

Are you looking for products that are healthier but still indulgent, like a daily Belgian chocolate bar and only 72kcals?


Tea consumption linked to lower diabetes risk: Unilever Study

Populations which drink high quantities of black tea have a significantly lower prevalence of diabetes, according to new study backed by Unilever.  The study – published in BMJ Open – assessed the black tea consumption rates of 42 different countries and analysed them against each country’s rates of respiratory, infectious and cardiovascular disease, as well as cancer and diabetes.

V H Graddon: Vending has the ‘wow!’ factor

There are a number of opportunities for shops, pubs, restaurants, hotels, gyms and other leisure facilities to widen their profit margins with the help of new advances in vending.  From drink and snack machines to vended ‘experiences’, the opportunities for vending in the leisure arena re as wide as they are diverse.  With the firm belief that customers expect more than their day-to-day purchases, Westomatic’s Sigma Touch has made ‘vending’ accessible, informative and retail friendly – a perfect combination for a Teignbridge Council run leisure centre.

We welcome Amy and Paul

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve added two sales professionals to our burgeoning Business Development team. Paul Webb, (41), and Amy Gallagher, (24), have us as Business Development Managers, each with a brief to expand our client list.