Vending Services

Vending Services

Wise Vending provide a range of UK vending services across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. If you’re thinking of investing in vending machines, you’ll be surprised at the range of foods and drinks vending services can provide. 

You have probably experienced UK vending services that offer cold drinks, as well as snacks such as crisps and chocolate bars. You have probably also had a hot tea or coffee from machines in numerous outlets.

Another exciting option, though, is offering your visitors, customers and employees something healthy, or even something more substantial. This can either be food that has been freshly made in conjunction with a local catering company, or microwavable meals that can be heated in a nearby microwave.

Our vending machines are ideal for a range of settings, including offices, meeting rooms, factories, leisure outlets and employee canteens. This is only a selection of options, and the opportunities are endless.

Wise Vending is proud to be able to promise that one of our partners is no more than 30 minutes away from you. This proximity means that we can offer you a better service, and some of our vending companies even offer total aftercare, visiting every day to clean and fill your vending machines.

We’ve provided UK vending services for some big names, including Microsoft and Next. We pride ourselves on engaging with customers on a personal level, tailoring our services to specific needs. We discuss your situation with you, and go through the options that suit you best. For example, while a staff canteen could benefit from fresh food being available, a sports centre might require a drinks machine that stocks mainly energy drinks and water.


Many of our member companies offer impressive vending machines, including energy efficient, touch screen, and multi-media vending machines. Take a look at our service centres to find out more about what services you can enjoy in your area.