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 Established in 2008, WISE is a group of independent, regional companies, specialising in a wide range of complementary services. Together they have nearly 200 years of combined experience of successful business. This includes coffee roasting, providing high quality vending services, developing new unmanned retail stores and cafe's, as well as establishing new sources of product and equipment to enhance and complement these services. Wise group is dynamic and offers full UK & Ireland coverage, maintenance and account management. Dedicated, local people never more than 60 minutes away.  


Data is called the new oil (amongst other things). We ensure that our suite of reports and ability to analyse our business with you, is such that that jointly we can respond to changing needs of you staff and people. We constantly strive to keep a personal approach to service. With our dedicated account management teams you will l never feel like you are calling a stranger. You will most certainly be able to put a face to a name. We want to work with you in an harmonious and mutually rewarding way.

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our Service

A common feature of very successful regional businesses is the recognition that times change, customer needs evolve, consumer preferences become increasingly sophisticated and best practice is never a fixed dimension. Going against the grain The Wise Group removes the corporate, catalogue style of service that many other vending service providers implement. We are a national alliance of like-minded, service oriented business people. 


Each member company has belonged to other associations and many have vast experience in working for and trading with major groups and organizations, both as executives and suppliers. This combined knowledge has helped us to build up an understanding of what consumers and clients are looking for in a refreshments service provider and our services are responsive to each client’s individual needs.

We provide national services that cover all major cities across the UK and Ireland. This means that you will never be too far away from one of our group members.

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Unlike many Groups, WISE enjoys the benefits of having a central organisation. Our CEO, Graham Kingaby has many years of experience of our industry and his aim is to ensure all members of the WISE Group are fully co-ordinated and reflect the values and objectives which makes the WISE Group different. 


Based in Yorkshire with a small executive team, Graham ensures that our promises are a customer reality. Another significant feature that demonstrates  our values and commitment to customers, is that none of the senior Directors of the WISE Group are invisible. Each MD is happy to provide their contact details to any customer for contact at any time.

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